creates web & mobile experiences after learning from and working alongside users.


Recent work in #web #non-profit & #nocode.


South Dakota CPCM (Center for the Prevention of Childhood Maltreatment) aims to help families and communities through potential crisis and times of need.

I trust Brad to create a beautiful website while truly listening to both the vendor and the consumer. Excellent work. – Carrie Sanderson, Director

User Research & Design

Worked with CPCM constituents to build tools that work for their team, and users they serve

Web Design

Built the CPCM website to help the organization promote programs, events and major project progress

Custom App Design

Building custom web applications for CPCM program leaders and mandatory reporters in South Dakota

The Teddy Bear Den

The Teddy Bear Den inspires economically disadvantaged pregnant women in the Sioux Falls community to seek early and regular prenatal care.

He was completely open to listening to everything we needed with our new database system and put it together in a timely manner. – Sandy Lown, Director

User Research & Design

Worked with TBD volunteers and leadership to determine the best possible solution

Data & App Design

Restructured the old database with modern tools, and added new tracking capabilities

Secure Onboarding

Inviting and onboarding the volunteers into a completely new digital experience

Better Builder

Better Builder set out to simplify the online experience for construction company and general contractors managing multiple teams.

The current software tools for construction companies and bloated and complex. Teams and managers need a simpler, and smarter solution! That is why we are creating Better Builder.

User Research & Design

Working along side all team members in a construction company to fully understand their environment

Data & App Design

Building the database, and user experience from the ground up and constantly testing with real users

Start-up Consulting

Integrating the new product and building the marketing materials needed for a fully functional business